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DIY: Tips for Making Your Own Fall-flavored Coffee Drinks at Home




Our make-at-home fall coffee drinks are the perfect cozy addition to your fall festivities. Whether you’re the espresso type, brewed coffee, or no coffee type – there’s a recipe in here for you! Take these make-at-home coffee recipes with you to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, and Thanksgiving to spice things up this Autumn.

Maple pecan latte

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Fall coffee drink ideas

All of these make-at-home Fall coffee recipes are so cozy and delicious – but the best part is that they are all made with pretty darn clean ingredients! You’ll have guilt-free Autumn coffee indulgence all season. Cozy up next to the fireplace with one of our make-at-home fall coffee recipes and one of our homemade pumpkin sourdough cinnamon rolls!

maple pecan latte recipe

This recipe uses the natural sweetener of pure maple syrup and the buttery, nutty flavor of pecan extract. The flavoring is mixed in with the cream, milk, or milk alternative of your choice. Made with espresso from a stovetop espresso maker (percolator), espresso machine, or Nespresso.

Caramel apple iced coffee recipe

This one is OH SO TASTY. This caramel apple sauce is so decadent, but when mixed with the iced coffee it’s so refreshing! This recipe is made with our healthy homemade caramel apple sauce, collagen creamer, and iced french press coffee. You could also use cold brew concentrate for this one.

cozy fall salted mocha recipe


This is a classic with a salty twist! I use rich cocoa powder, sweet coconut sugar, and a little sea salt for the flavoring. Then, I use our Nespresso for the shots, frothy raw milk, and sprinkle some Maldron’s flake salt on top.

cardamom french press Coffee recipe

This is the easiest one, but maybe our favorite! All you do for this is make a french press coffee but before adding the water, you’ll add your cardamom spice to the coffee grounds. You could also toss in pumpkin pie spice with or instead of the cardamom to make a simple pumpkin spice french press coffee!

other fall latte flavors

Here are some ideas to add the flavors of fall into your coffee drinks. These are on the healthier side so your fall coffee drinks are fairly guilt-free! Combine any of the ingredients below to make a delicious autumn coffee treat.

  1. Pecan extract
  2. Maple syrup
  3. Vanilla extract
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Chocolate
  6. Salted caramel
  7. Apple cider
  8. Caramel apple
  9. Pumpkin spice
  10. Chai
  11. Pear
  12. Brown butter
  13. Brown sugar
  14. Ginger

Tips for making the perfect fall coffee drink at home

Perfect fall coffee drinks at home

  1. Grind your own beans
    Freshly ground beans taste so much better than pre-ground coffee.
  2. Buy organic, fair-trade coffee
    This is important. Coffee that isn’t organic, fair trade has been found to have other things (besides coffee, they’ve even found cockroaches) ground up with it.
  3. Wait for the bloom
    When making a french press, you want to pour the water in the french press 30 seconds off the boil, pour a few inches of water in and wait for the coffee to bloom, then pour the rest in.
  4. Use filtered water
    There’s something about all the added chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful additives in tap water that make your coffee taste off. Use filtered water for a pure-tasting cup of coffee. We use a Berkey.